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Revolutionizing Interventional Medicine with Our New Advisory Board

At The Shape Sensing Company, our mission to redefine interventional medicine is emboldened by the introduction of our Advisory Board. This team of esteemed professionals brings unparalleled expertise and leadership, setting the stage for groundbreaking advancements in our 3D guidance platform.

Distinguished Contributions of Our Advisory Board Members:

Dr. Dennis Gable, a luminary in vascular surgery based in Plano, Texas, not only excels in minimally invasive techniques but also contributes significantly to the field through his leadership roles. As a Distinguished Fellow of the Society for Vascular Surgery and Chair of the SVS Quality Council, Dr. Gable’s pioneering work and commitment to enhancing vascular surgery practices are instrumental in shaping our strategic direction. His extensive research, including authoring over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and presenting globally, underscores his dedication to advancing vascular health.

Dr. Ross Milner, with his esteemed position at the University of Chicago, not only excels as a leading figure in vascular surgery but also stands at the forefront of educational and clinical advancements in the field. His role as Co-Director of the Center for Aortic Diseases at the University of Chicago Medicine underlines his commitment to tackling some of the most challenging conditions in vascular health. Dr. Milner’s dedication to training the next generation of surgeons has made significant impacts on international levels.

Dr. Pedro Teixeira‘s illustrious career spans significant roles, including the Presidency of the Texas Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons and Division Chief of Vascular Surgery at UT-Austin Dell Medical Center. His transition from California to Texas marks a journey of profound contributions to vascular surgery and trauma care, offering valuable perspectives on innovation in medical practices and patient care.

Frank Grillo stands out for his transformative leadership in the medical device industry, highlighted by his tenure at Boston Scientific, Kyphon, and Intuitive Surgical. His expertise in strategic marketing, business development, and executive leadership across various high-profile companies has been pivotal in driving technological advancements and market success, providing The Shape Sensing Company with invaluable strategic and operational insights

Burton Tripathi, a visionary in medical device innovation, has led companies to the forefront of the industry with his strategic and operational acumen. Holding 22 patents, his work has significantly impacted surgical precision and patient outcomes, particularly in ophthalmologic surgery. His role in guiding Alcon and TrueVision Systems through strategic growth and product development showcases his capability to transform ideas into successful, market-leading innovations. Dr. Tripathi’s experience is a cornerstone in our efforts to enhance surgical navigation and patient care.

Forging a New Future in Medical Technology

The collective expertise and achievements of our Advisory Board members are pivotal in our quest to revolutionize surgical navigation with radiation-free device guidance. Their contributions extend beyond individual accolades, embodying a shared vision for innovation and excellence in medical technology.

As we embark on this exciting chapter, we are inspired by the wisdom and leadership of our Advisory Board. Their guidance will not only shape our strategic direction but also amplify our impact in the medical field, driving us towards safer, simpler, and more effective interventional medicine solutions.

About The Shape Sensing Company

Headquartered in Austin, TX, we are pioneers in fiber optic shape sensing for medical applications. Our mission is to revolutionize surgical navigation and interventional medicine, making medical devices safer and simpler. Supported by our Advisory Board’s unparalleled expertise, we are poised for groundbreaking achievements in medical technology.

Stay connected with us for more insights and updates as we continue to advance the frontiers of interventional medicine, guided by our distinguished Advisory Board. Together, we are setting new standards in healthcare innovation and surgical device guidance.

See the full press release here: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/687887516/the-shape-sensing-company-announces-formation-of-prestigious-advisory-board

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