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Accelerating Into the Future: Ryan DeBoer Leads The Shape Sensing Company to New Heights

We’re entering an exciting new chapter at The Shape Sensing Company, marked by enhanced innovation and strategic growth. With the recent appointment of Ryan DeBoer as our Chief Executive Officer, we are set to accelerate our efforts in transforming the landscape of medical technology.

Ryan brings two decades of experience in medical technology to his new role. His career is distinguished by driving growth and developing innovative marketing strategies in this dynamic industry. As a former founder and holder of two patents, Ryan’s unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and inventive insight is a perfect match for our vision at The Shape Sensing Company. His leadership and strategic vision are crucial as we embark on this next phase of growth and development, aiming to revolutionize surgical navigation.

DeBoer’s appointment comes at a critical juncture as we continue to advance our novel 3D guidance platform, which promises to transform interventional medicine by reducing reliance on X-ray, thereby enhancing safety and efficiency.

“I’m thrilled to lead The Shape Sensing Company towards its goal of revolutionizing surgical navigation,” said Ryan DeBoer. “Our technology is set to make surgical procedures safer and more efficient. I’m committed to driving our mission forward, leveraging my industry experience to bring our innovative solutions to the forefront of medical care.”

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Pierrick Vulliez, our former CEO, for his exceptional leadership and vision. Pierrick will continue to support the company and guide us as Executive Chairman.

As we move forward under Ryan’s leadership, we remain committed to our core values of innovation, safety, and excellence in medical technology. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we shape the future of healthcare!

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