About The Shape Sensing Company

We, at The Shape Sensing Company, have started a journey to explore how 3D shape sensing technology will revolutionize the navigation, control, design, and efficacy of a variety of tools, thus enabling a whole new range of applications previously thought unattainable.

By pushing the boundaries of what is possible we empower our customers to transform their design ideas into products and platforms that will shape their success.

In the medical market we believe our technology has a fundamental role to play to improve the safety of surgical procedures and reduce their duration. It can therefore enable better patient outcomes, the ultimate goal of medicine.

Fiber optic shape sensing is fascinating as it marries form and function, and it intrigues most that come across it. The underlying technologies that make it work are equally captivating and the Team at The Shape Sensing Company is comprised of highly talented individuals with deep and broad expertise.

Anchored by a strong engineering foundation that finds its roots at NASA The Shape Sensing Company is a place of relentless innovation with a culture of continuous improvement where everyone is given the opportunity to explore and expand their horizons.

Meet Our Clients

The Shape Sensing Company’s customers include the top medical device OEMs, CDMOs and startups serving the minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery markets. We partner with our customers to develop and integrate custom 3D shape sensing solutions for their novel and next generation devices.